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When Oral Surgery Is Required

The old saying has always been. If it ‘ain’t broke’ then do not fix it. But if something does appear to be coming a bit loose, do not tamper with it either. So it goes with dental work as well. So many of you reading this right now could readily acknowledge that you have done this. A tooth may have come loose. You ignored it for a while because it did not seem to be bothering you. There was no pain either.

And over the next few days, the tooth became even more loose. So much so that now it was bothering you. But no matter because it was now loose enough for you to just give it a little tug and there you go, the tooth came out easily enough. There may have been just a touch of blood but that was easily digested and forgotten about. And before long, that gaping cavity, where your tooth used to be, was forgotten about as well.

End of story. Or so you would have thought. No, this is where the story only begins for many readers. Maybe you have been lucky so far, but sure enough, give it time, it only happens after a few years, but that hatchet job you did on your tooth so long ago could be coming back to bite you in the you know where. You wonder where that infection came from, for instance. An oral surgeon pomona procedure might be required to clean out the surrounding and affected gum area.

oral surgeon pomona

Following that, the suggestion may be made for you to have that gap filled. If it is towards the back of your dental area, you may not need another tooth, but the gap would still need to be plugged in order to ward off any further infection.